Introduction to Personalized URLs & VIP Landing Pages
Introduction to Personalized URLs & VIP Landing Pages
  • Personlized URLs and Microsites

    The intent of the Personalized URL is to direct each recipient to their very own landing page, which continues the
    personal and relevant communication.

    • Engage respondent with relevant content in
      direct mail, including a personalized URL
    • Capture online response
    • Continue “personal” conversation online
    • Generate highly qualified leads
  • How it works...
    the Process

    First, the customer receives their
    direct mail piece or email

    • The piece is customized to their interest
    • It includes an enticing offer such as a chance to win prizes or get a discount
    • The customer decides it's worth the time and types in their Personal URL
  • Their PURL

    The customer first sees the welcome page

    • The offer is restated with a button to "continue"

    The customer is taken to a survey page

    • This is where you get valuable customer feedback

    The customer is asked if they would like to schedule an apt. or receive more information

    • If they answer "yes", they are taken to a contact info update page so you have up-to-date information

  • Automated Follow-up

    Automatic follow-up email messages that are personalized to each respondent and their input are sent.

    • For example, their personalized version of the “Thank You” email will mention their survey responses or other data collected on the Personalized Landing Page.
    • This continues the personalized communication
      and solidifies the relationship.
  • Automated Lead Distribution

    We also provide automated lead
    delivery, so we can take each
    respondent and transition them into
    an actionable lead that sales rep
    can follow-up on quickly.

    • React immediately to leads
    • Distributed via email or PDA/cell phone
    • No need for cold-calling
  • Reporting & Analytics

    Finally! You can watch the results
    of your campaign in real time.

    • You will be given access to your own
      “Campaign Dashboard” that provides access
      to activity reports, survey results, etc.
    • You can also download your reports in
      CSV format for upload into any other
      type of system.
    • Alternatively, the we can schedule the delivery
      of your data via FTP, if you choose so.
  • Reporting and Analytics

    • Attract – your prospects by adding Personalized URLs to your direct mail
    • Interact – with each of them via fully personalized and dynamic landing pages……and
    • React – to each of them immediately with automatic lead distribution and reports that help fine tune their campaigns

    Most marketers have one or two of these critical components covered, but not all 3. Our solution offers all 3.

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